A Teacup for Me, A Notebook Seen and Soon to Write

I’d learned a lot about antiques, spec. teacups these months, and what to look for…I had a few small mistakes and I wanted just one more…

This one showed up on Etsy and I thought, “That looks like a teacup just for me.” It has no cracks, which is necessary to check if you want to drink from it, no glue, it holds my desired 7 oz tea (with a generous capacity of 8 oz), and with a small, curved handle that’s easy to hold and supports the cup well. I love the design, the more subtle solid green with white, very calming simplicitea ;), and the elegant, modest gold trim. It is also described as “jade” green but I liked the cup before I read my name.

I found this teacup at this Etsy shop, BlueDahliaHome.

I have felt heaven showing me the bits of heaven glittering among earth :)…And I like to make heaven happy, inc. Miss May. More satisfyingly so than when I’d looked at both places as so far apart and unreconcilable.

The blank notebook I’d written of was very graciously seen this morning by my husband along with seeing me…It has a pocket in the back too; if you’d seen my recent “2nd Show” post you will know I like pocket things.

I will photo it as I can, morning tea first just looking outside through the windows, and then soon writing my novel to follow,…:)


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