My First Novel Begins…Now

up and up brand college ruled journal jumbo size found at target

Here you can see my supplies, the notebook now written in some first pages (but not to see the words written, a surprise, of course). This paper calendar happening to match is for the story’s timeline, but I am not really near up to considering it yet. I still wanted to show it.

I typed the beginning of my novel from what I have handwritten in the notebook this hour, pages generously wide and lines perfectly spaced, closing flat.

As I had originally thought but hadn’t said so yet, and after I wrote this first passage, I believe my first novel will fall somewhere in the Fantasy and/or Magic Realism genre.

I’ve saved and backed up my typed beginning in two places that I typed up and revised just a little in the moment. I had not cared beforehand if I would be writing the actual beginning, or somewhere like in the middle of the beginning. But these pages feel to me like a short very first chapter: I have 733 words so far…:) But word count is just a tiny sliver of the fun.

Thank you for reading this, looking, writing! I’ll share some little bits along the way… 🙂 Hope your day is great, I send my love.


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