blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Words Arranged, Well, These…

night and almost morningtime (continues)

What if this book I am reading could be done and I can close it and move onto a new one? Is it fair I judge the book by the author’s name and opening sentence, if it’s a pen-name too? Only teasing a little, but the novel is just a little too rough with back and forth dialogue, the minor characters most visual rather than the main, but there was a line I loved: her tears had turned to pearls…he’d picked up this necklace. I consider what’s tangible in any emotion or thought, the touch or physical feeling that makes one feel safer, or simple to understand more fully, less of a mystery.

There are a lot of sad things in the world that I can’t put into words at all now, but I think my tea party drawing has said it all better. I want a dream of a little spark of fire that doesn’t harm…

And I hope to start writing my novel tomorrow now that I have a theme written, character ideas, and some setting ideas in an outline, in a blank notebook…My husband was glad to pick up this notebook, I was very excited to take it out of the bag and he too exhausted to really look. I placed it on my corner table on a shelf with my poetry notebook and stories; I will show it to him again in the morning light.

I haven’t forgotten I’d wanted to take a photo of myself, a current profile picture. 🙂 But for now, I leave the profile picture in these words tonight and a tea party.


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