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So Begins Chapter Two, and Writing Together in Massachusetts


This one is black tea with almond milk, afterwards

Another morning of green tea (gyokuru) followed by writing my novel, this time I wrote my draft of Chapter Two, but I feel that this chapter will still continue after the point that I stopped at at 1305 words today when I continue writing it.

I tell myself not to get too excited with these technical points and accolades and pause from keeping up with Word Count for now and then update again after awhile, to be within the story.

I started my first draft of this first novel yesterday. It was…morning tea, bath-time with cucumber slices in the water, and then writing awhile in my notebook, and then typing up the draft afterwards.

My story’s genre feels like it’s Fantasy or Magic Realism; I’ve found they’re very related genres; Fantasy may be fine. As for the targeted audience, although not yet fully known to me, it may be “New Adult,” but of course that doesn’t rule out readers of older or somewhat younger age groups, the intended audience is more for publishing in general.

This weekend, I plan to attend the Barnes and Noble in Walpole, MA, Sunday writing together at 3:30 – 5 pm, and / or, during the week, on Tuesday to come, the one at the Foxboro Library at 4 pm.


Read about last week, I was gathering new ideas to prepare to write my draft, writing together at The Queset House in Easton, MA.


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