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My Books

November 12, 2022

I arranged them nicely and now I actually wish to read a book when I go in. And I have 2 books I gifted to myself on the way, soon…:)


P.S. Oops 🙂 I have a couple of things to fix…The angel has no bookend next to her on one side and can crash or fall. The Honeybear looks fine as is.

I now have 3 new books to add in that have arrived.

I thought to send Miss May a “shower of flowers” and let land however they landed a little gathering of a handful of pressed flowers over the summer into her own picture frame of flowers given to her…

In May’s life, she wasn’t greatly outspoken about her love for pressed flowers like these which would’ve been a popular gift in Nazareth where she was born, presented in albums. She was more in tune with what was present there in nature, friends, and freedoms to work towards. She liked a positive, loving thought more so than a thing. I think now she likes that I give them to her as a gift, I think she likes me better overall?…🤫😊💐🌺🌸💕I hope.

But I rearranged them today making the flowers looking nicer too, as I realized I’d accidentally thrown in my little treasured wild daisy Dan had given to me, so I put that one with my altar at the bedside for now, a gold accent of love. Actually, it should be in an album…I like that better, it is a delicate keepsake looking like sunshine; I can leave notes about a flower in that album too. I preserve it in the little jewelry chest drawer.

I’d spilled something on that bottom sketchbook cover (?), and I’d wanted just the 2 colored pencil drawings I’d done yrs ago which were fine (An Untitled park scene and another titled Optimism, pure shapes, from when I’d lost all emotion, a prayer and a wish or something to do, an intention for the future to come that I’d not had visible faith for either.)

💫I’ve never seen a shooting star, but I’d often thought I did…Then I would be told by someone it was an airplane, and it was in Brooklyn, as it’d start blinking red, and moving slowly…*

I also found in that book’s back pocket Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, the loose pages collected and saved, pages that came apart from a copy I’d found at a free library to read. I’ve planned to create some ‘found’ poem or story inspired by these pages sometime.

I’d like to get a small album book for pressed flowers to enjoy them as I’d mentioned, with little notes, while I like decorative art too and flower gifts. So a little suspense, I will show the updated shelf soon.


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