blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

Mystery of the Missing Hair Tie

Friday night

That was quick, that particular silky hair tie, I’d written of prev. I just untied to fix my hair in the bathroom at restaurant, I thought I’d placed it in my purse when a woman wanted to wash her hands at sink and I moved aside to go into stall, but I must’ve not put it in my purse. There were two ppl there.

I go back inside the bathroom looking for my hair tie unfound, take a selfie, the mirror is useless in this post though 😉 (re: Body and Mind post), photo look “Intentionally Questioning but don’t care, Caffeine Crashed.”

It poured a great downpour as we got in the car whole ride home my husband Dan driving but was able to see, arrive home, rain stops, my hair nicely dry and untangled. I come inside at home, I find the hair tie when I put on my pajamas, it was inside my pants 😂😂, place into hamper, and so I don’t show the selfie…the end. 🙂


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