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NaNoWriMo Write Together at Barnes and Noble

This was my first NaNoWriMo meeting at Barnes and Noble this evening, Sunday.

I’d arrived a little later than everyone else and was glad to write together with this very welcoming group of fellow writers, and the leader even gave us beautiful flower stickers sent from the NaNoWriMo organization as a celebration, I placed mine on my carry bag, which matched with bright pink and orange and white flowers, complimentary :). They were impressed and interested when I opened my paper notebook and pen to see I was writing my draft by hand in the book, to type up after. We joked how I can write quickly and it may be illegible, but even if no one else can read my handwriting, I can read it.

We had a nice time introductory talking awhile, and while silently writing, I hand-wrote 254 more words. I typed the passage on my phone to save on my computer, and join to them..a little later…with Word Count, as we did a ‘timed write and count’ together just for fun. Chapter 2 seems like it closes during this session, and so far, I’ve written 1559 words in my novel in progress.



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