blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

A List of Art and Writing, Plans, Dreams, and Hopes while Currently Sitting

* I hope my hair will continue to grow a little longer; I am mindful of the ends now, and gentle detangling, comb and brush.

* I am content sitting now, my feet don’t touch the floor but freely I swing them up, can stretch and flex them well like this, posture is great with back fully against chair, gazing out the window. I like how bare branches moving in the breeze can look a little spooky.

* I think my next painting will be a nature scene, maybe seen from reality or nearby, and colors painted and chosen by my own current mood and heart.

* I went on a long walk with music before I sat and wrote yesterday, I hope to do it again, in the sun, with music, but continue writing tomorrow.

* Re: My Dream: I haven’t really listened to Taylor Swift, but I enjoy the recommendation.

* I hope my 2 books arrive today; the tracking says they are set to…I am in the mood to sit today with a book and read.

* I hope, too my new clothes arrive, so I may try them on, and if they fit, I should have enough clothes for the season, then I’ll wash them. Funny how many things I’d bought and returned this year not a fit, but I’ve enjoyed the process of making a wardrobe.

* I will appear in another photo of me I will take soon. And I plan for a time of flexibility yoga before bed. 🙂


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