A List of Art and Writing, Plans, Dreams, and Hopes while Currently Sitting

* I hope my hair will continue to grow a little longer; I am mindful of the ends now, and gentle detangling, comb and brush.

* I am content sitting now, my feet don’t touch the floor but freely I swing them up, can stretch and flex them well like this, posture is great with back fully against chair, gazing out the window. I like how bare branches moving in the breeze can look a little spooky.

* I think my next painting will be a nature scene, maybe seen from reality or nearby, and colors painted and chosen by my own current mood and heart.

* I went on a long walk with music before I sat and wrote yesterday, I hope to do it again, in the sun, with music, but continue writing tomorrow.

* Re: My Dream: I haven’t really listened to Taylor Swift, but I enjoy the recommendation.

* I hope my 2 books arrive today; the tracking says they are set to…I am in the mood to sit today with a book and read.

* I hope, too my new clothes arrive, so I may try them on, and if they fit, I should have enough clothes for the season, then I’ll wash them. Funny how many things I’d bought and returned this year not a fit, but I’ve enjoyed the process of making a wardrobe.

* I will appear in another photo of me I will take soon. And I plan for a time of flexibility yoga before bed. 🙂


2 responses to “A List of Art and Writing, Plans, Dreams, and Hopes while Currently Sitting”

  1. Yes I am wanting to sketch him from life again it was incredibly fun to do last time…am thinking when he wakes tomorrow m, I’ll be able to start drawing…and Thank You for wanting to reblog it 😀


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