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NaNo More

I just got in from a walk a little while ago before I had lunch. It’s literary salon Tuesday :), I wrote more of my novel draft this morning; I find the Word Count actually is very helpful for pacing.

In a long work of fiction, events can happen more slowly than one may be used to in writing shorter pieces; I am now at 2139 words. I’ve written Ch. 3 that will continue, and I see my chapters must continue longer than first other chapters I’d written based on total pages of most novels. I won’t pick up ‘again my pen again (typo 😉 until the NaNoWriMo Meet at the Foxboro Boyden Library tonight from 4 pm – 5 pm.

I will read the words I’ve written so far of this story, the typed manuscript from the beginning while there. (My printer prints it ahead of time), and then I’ll continue to write at the library. I will read it like I didn’t write it, as in what else do I want to see described, or happen? Can I have the outer story told early and so the pace is relaxed overall and the far and great parts feel real?


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