An Unexpected Introduction and Poetic Message Writing

(feat. photo my poetry and short stories notebooks, short stories not really being written right now and book is mainly empty at this time 🙂

As I take breaks from writing my novel but am focusing on writing the draft overall, I was drawn to poetry writing again, along with my decorative notebook I’d shown previously where I can hand-write them. I’ve written quick, “observational” poetry, haiku and tanka.

I’d connected with a friend who had written to me sometime ago on the website, Goodreads and introduced himself as a descendent of the Ziadah family, mentioning how he was glad to find my writings on this blog, and wrote that he was impressed and very grateful to read the kind words and writings I’d written about his relative, May Ziadeh.

He mentioned he’d read May’s work for the first time in early college and enjoyed himself and named some overall qualities he’d found in her writing, as I’d seen them too. He is currently studying to receive his Master’s.

He also let me know at one point that May Ziadeh had written many great letters, and one she wrote was to her “missing wristwatch,” in which I was inspired upon hearing about (but not able to read it in her native language I don’t read myself) to free-write one of my own I’d written, to my “missing sunglasses.”

Recently, we just started message replies in creative poetry, spontaneously, as a five line poem, in my own mind and writing, a tanka poem, in which there’s physical observation with a conclusion that’s more universal or presents something philosophical.

It’s been great fun to read a 5 line poem he writes and sends and then type up another 5 line poem that replies or creates a variation on these themes. With a time difference too, I recommend this!

I may share a favorite one that I’ve written; I am enjoying writing these concise, little bursts of poems, as a creative correspondence and a refreshing way of continuing to write poetry right now, but I really just wanted to share the fun idea with you as I recommend it!


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