A Poetic Self-Portrait in Words and Overheard Dialogue

November 14, 2022, prose poetry intro with dialogue fine to restore 🙂


(“There it is quiet now I don’t know the sound of silence and I am not stressing that either…The hum whatever it is is like stars I can’t see and quiet I will close my eyes now and sleep, instead of real people with possible privacy desires I write these. My eyes will rest when I awake too tomorrow. I rest them for wellness but I close them too, well, because I want you to find them beautiful with light if you like to see me with light, if I bring something good for you..”)💕—Jade

I will restore it; I feel it’s fine to share:


A possible teenage girl with a woman who may be her mother. The mother says, “But which Jane Austen book do you want?”

The girl says, “I don’t know, but not any of these.”

“But what’s wrong with them?” (shuffling feet, a little impatient)

“I don’t know…They look just like the Bible.” (gold-trimmed pages…)

A little while later.

I see the girl standing a little off in the near distance glimpsing into a many-paged novel that looked the kind of classic, modest paperback I might pick out myself for a Jane Austen I don’t have; I imagined it looked like it was Emma.


Modelesque Peeko, at playtime

—💕Your very own, Peeko

Peeko staring at his Dad as much as possible because he’s having fun with this new dangle cat wand toy his Dad taped to the counter after complaining part-comically that “Peeko just keeps meowing at me non-stop unless I play with him as long as I am sitting, and he doesn’t move around enough when he plays, he just lays down, so he never gets his energy out.” I had said, “But he’s moving his mouth, and having fun.” Peeko stares…;)


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