blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals


Nov. 17, 2022

I want to reserve my 2 pocket sketchbooks almost complete for in the moment sketches like a scene or thing drawn outside home also known as a field sketch.

I would like to draw Peeko. He is napping now against my pink sweatshirt I was just wearing, I got another; his breathing is like a little sigh of relief of closeness to me and me just across the room in a chair resting. But I don’t have a bigger drawing pad at this time. I will get that. Mood: We are melancholic.

I tried to make the buckwheat pillows work for me; they are well made but the pillow has been too hard for me personally, placing a cushioned throw pillow in bed wasn’t working. I have a new cotton pillow and I will experiment with where on the pillow I place my head, how I tilt my face, trying this one afternoon. …It seems good now, fluffing a pillow shows a big improvement.😊

All of my clothes came in and all fit; I can try them on at the office bathroom stall and look in the mirror, so if I have to return something I’d ended up not liking, I will be less disappointed to know sooner than after I walk back home. I have a complete wardrobe now for the season and can find which match and get dressed faster over time. Why is this new? I used to not care about fashion at all but I enjoy it now, moreso. 🙂

Tomorrow, Friday at Panera in Plainville, MA at 6 pm NaNoWriMo meets to write together. Tonight I will probably draw. I will also read…:) I am reachable by email as well.


6 responses to “232”

  1. Hello Jade, you’re a good and kind person sharing some of your confidences. I send you best wishes to you and NaNoWriMo tomorrow. Also I want a nice inspiration for your sketching night. I’m thinking when you will sleep. Patience, the pillow is a problem you will fix soon. About wardrobe and outfit, I think the important is what is underclothes. In a few minuts I’ll begin a rehearsal. Hugs 🕯️

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