My Pocket Verse

These now fully revised all just happened the past few days, and it was needed that I’d write them…:) Each are separate poems, I just pasted them all together.


I’ve changed  
all the locks 
I still love you 

my cat naps 
he snores like soft weeping 
my tears, but l don’t know our reason 

the soft, plush vacuumed rug 
I notice so much more in winter 
than in summer 

journals of poems I’d thrown out— 
what I remember most were 
their rhythm and their pulse 

rinse my face with cool almond milk 
think of how I’ve been thinking
you are so pretty 

last night I picked out candy   
vanilla and strawberry softly chewy    
ice cream cones in glitter I could taste 

if you are wondering, my daydreams  
are sweeter, how I look at the sky  
all through the day; 
the candy-glitter kept its glitter, 
and I will keep my promise to gaze 

you are my greatest puzzle 
when storms come and sun, 
the pieces don’t seem to fit together 

the sky looks so blue  
that I step barefoot onto the balcony 
my feet feel the cold my eyes know 
I will look at the sky all through the day

a brighter bulb  
in the living room lamp  
beach cottage, part forest
I am just lounging by the bedroom window waiting for this loud airplane to pass 

I’d once gone to a rodeo
but I didn’t want to look at the ring
I’d gone to movies that I didn’t want to see
this sunrise sky is the greatest screen
for my daydreams to play out

love me less and expect nothing
the volcano says it’s not going
to erupt, and so it doesn’t 
the great lake shrinks into a paper cup
yeah right; the lake still thrives from here

if there’s too much algae in this lake 
my hands will tend to that 
to pull out what is not in one’s heart, 
not possible, thankfully
in love, we move afloat in a dance anyway

your smile sparkling your eyes, enchanted enchants me with a deep memory just begun  desire, an ancient current, a few steps climbed with cushions, spoken…
I saw you, I envisioned your visions, I see you never, I see you anyway…


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