blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals

A Very Cute Blue Cookie

A poetic line came to mind just before I met the NaNoWriMo writers tonight…It brought me to the more center place in my story’s theme, as I was getting myself thrown into a corner before that in my draft.

I told a little visual from my own draft to relate to the other writers’ stories. I told where I was stuck, or what helps to keep writing…But mostly, I was glad to receive a great guide to keeping the story centered: To start, I consider more clearly, What does my main character want? What is in the way, or which obstacles? What does my character accomplish or learn through that by the end? Might another character want something opposing?

Anyway at this point, my novel feels to be high fantasy, especially with location. But we ended saying how…I was afraid at one point, yrs ago, that I might be sad if I actually wrote a novel, could be sad that my characters aren’t real, but well, it’s actually going fine now, and I am enjoying them and the process more fully. 🙂


I picked a blue cookie at the Cafe when the cashier asked me which I’d wanted, pink or blue…I ate a bit of it before I took this photo. Then I talked with the writers and wrote down a few questions and a few sentences of a new action, questions I can answer in writing I wrote inside large parenthesis apart from the continued draft.

The cookie was frosted, but I don’t know what kind it is. I didn’t know while eating it either, although I was paying attention and tasting the unknown to me delicious flavor…:) This is the true to life part.


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