blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals


I am seeing time moving forward in days, weeks, and months, rather than as a single day with few hours, so I just keep writing my novel as much as I would like to each week, and time continues replenishing on its own…

That leaves me at 2928 words to rest the whole weekend, a very beginning, and I think that would be about 9 paperback pages.

A comfortable pillow for my head and fluffed personally, has me woken brightly…But enough, here’s a little idea to share about my novel in progress:

Well, my novel takes place somewhere other than earth, as its own world and not really as an outer-space story. And one mein (I don’t think I made that typo, hey!) 😊😅 main character knows enough about the earth to translate the year into the comparative year it would be on earth for the reader, as this book could have “earth readers,” I assume. 😀 Reason: making up a whole new setting with detail, the Idea, step away…for fun, or to see this world anew.


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