Dance Party Yoga to Energize and Uplift Your Day or Night

Nov. 19, 2022

I am not a lady who will sit for a portrait…to recall an idea from a past poem of mine…and today, not even a selfie, so we dance. 😀

From my Channel: Jade Nicole Yoga, Playlist

a new top, mermaid poses were not deliberate but I went with them…! 🙂 Meant to uplift your mood, sending love, acceptance, mindfulness, and positivity. ‘DJ Shuffle’ picks songs. 🙂


🎶💕Another song. Keep up the pace!

One more, reggae music! 🏝

Let’s do 4 dances? Go on! 😊😊💕💕 another for Britney Spears…💕💕💖💞💕💕💕And Justin Bieber is the Pisces 🐠 fish like me too. They are all for Britney as my dedication note 😊💕🎶🎶💖🏝 island theme. 💕😊✍️📝💫It’s the poet Rumi’s Moon tonight in Libra. It is also Eminem’s moon…


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