Pocket Peeko

Pocket Peeko by Jade Nicole Beals, graphite pencil drawing November 18, 2022 in pocket sketchbook.

In the meantime, as I’ve been waiting to receive my bigger-sized drawing paper pad, I created this pocket Peeko in a pocket sketchbook, a sketchbook I’ve almost completed. 🙂

When I showed Peeko my completed drawing, he looked calmly at his own face a few moments, and then slowly turned his head with modesty and a grin growing, like “Aww you shouldn’t have.” 🐱💕 “…But I am very glad you did.”—💕Peeko


Thank you SketchUniverse for re-blogging this drawing of Peeko!!


5 responses to “Pocket Peeko”

  1. Hi there! I can see the gazing of Peeko. He is not only a sweet cat, he also is very wise.
    And tomorrow this post will be reblogged.
    When I had been at Fine Arts university, one of the issues more remarkable was the big size for drawings. With small sheets everything is more easy, but we must to lear to fight a big paper.

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  2. SketchUniverse, Yayy thank you for this! Peeko’s extra frisky and excitable as I read this message to him, while he plays a nighttime play session, will look fwd to your reblog of this little drawing, Thank you from us!!


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