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A New Drawing I Am Working On of An Imagined Scene


Plan meals for the list, write shopping list (I missed my season for plums, oops. :). Buy other foods.


I found this single sheet of drawing paper in my printer drawer as I await my drawing pad to arrive soon.

I am creating a surreal scene, I have a hard charcoal pencil that is great with a light touch and a few graphite pencils also sharpened well and am softly layering and blending the pencils. My drawing includes a just fluffed pillow :), the drawing to be shown when complete.


Professor Peeko observes my drawing; ‘It is not done yet!’ he notices 😐 :).

He has been a little cranky and yelling at his dad at nighttime before bed overall, it seems he’s snoring a little louder than he had during naps, but he has improved with his regular meal eating and appetite, and he has a vet appointment to check tomorrow afternoon; we hope he does well. 💕

In between things each day, I began meditating again with Plum Village, to keep a regular practice.

My first novel is still in progress (a fantasy genre book, magic realism is likely a sub-genre); I will probably write some more of it tomorrow morning after tea. First I will check my notes in parenthesis for what I think I may need to work on next or wish to include in this chapter, hand-writing it and having fun with that; and typing it afterwards.

Hope your week is beginning well!!


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