“The Law”

A new poem in a style of summary or hypothetical; you may notice the style (somewhat inspired by the allegory humor of Gibran). This is about a real incident in the past recalled as I am writing about the subject of Law. The book of poetry was fittingly Rumi’s Book of Love, so I include its title in the poem.

“The Law”

by Jade Nicole Beals

I left a new book of poetry that had just arrived, The Book of Love poems by Rumi, translated into my own native language
on a bench in the shade unattended. 
The truth is, I was thirsty and seeking water. 
I drank from the fountain, thinking 
Am I being negligent with this book? With this poet? 
But if someone came to steal it, they’d walk away with the greatest poetry…
If they took the poetry, they could benefit from it. But overall, it’s probably best not to steal, unless 
those were a few kisses in exchange 
for the wish in my eyes and gaze 
clearly imploring you to…


Poetry Prompt: Write a poem in the style of another poet about your own choice of subject.


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