A Future Poetry Project: Verse

First, I would like to slow down; I realize if I tell about something that the person listening cannot follow, and I often feel sorry to see others overwhelmed with the quickness and excitability of my telling, asking me to retell. I will practice this when I speak with the next person I talk to. I will ask them a question they may seem to like to answer. I will listen, and try to!

I would like to write poems again but not feeling it needing to be now ๐Ÿ™‚ as in this hour, 4 pm. I want to spend more time on each poem, thesaurus and word lists can add more detail and complexity and interest. I will place them in a folder for a future collection, unread, and not on the blog that way, for any readerโ€™s greatest enjoyment and my own.

As Iโ€™d been writing last year for this poetry book which I was recently reminded of when Iโ€™d browsed through posts on the blog, Iโ€™d found a certain common subject then to expand on, and Iโ€™d remembered it as when I first thought of it.

And I know the idea of a collection began to take form when I saw a stranger one day when I was in Boston last spring, whom was interesting to me in a way that brought together another side of the common and general theme Iโ€™d imagined just thinking at home alone of a poetry theme.

The woman unknown to me was seated on a bench squinting at her cell phone in the bright sunlight, and I saw her as a vivid memory that would in a subtle way also add personality to my theme, and the woman was not out of place or uncommon, and it was just a slightly busy place.

I can still remember the scene well as a picture (but of course not a photograph!), interesting to think of that.

Anyway, I will keep my own little secret poetry for now that may become a book later, not a book tonight though! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ™

Poems I’d Completed Recently and Posted:

โ€œResonanceโ€ (verse with repeating words in stanzas, my own form)

โ€œThe Lawโ€ (allegorical verse)


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