An Idea for Pressed Flowers and Nature Collectors

November 27, 2022

I was spending the end of the day and night in heavenly company, when I was doing yoga on the wall, with breaks in between to read Jane Eyre, I found a little tree bark, preserved, oh my guest 🙂 may have noted these pressed flowers or leaves with a hint of humor, or maybe not so special or lasting ‘compared with words’ in her speeches or poems in her day, but these would have been popular in Nazareth where she spent her early childhood.

I’d felt she may like the flowers as gifts now, and I’ve given her many. I’ve sanitized the tree bark nicely and am grateful. I’d let it flatten a little (in a paper towel) beneath the Jane Eyre when I went to the art store in between to come home with a book of heavyweight drawing paper and a kneaded eraser…The idea came then:

…But first, I also saw this pendant at the store, glittering so well, I took a photo; for my guest 🙂 you know, Miss May Ziadeh:

And The Idea: I’d love to have a blank journal sometime, or a sketchbook journal, a small one, with no lines just blank pages, to glue a pressed flower to a page, maybe leave a note or date if I’d like.

I have inside a jewelry box drawer pressed so far:

*a colorful, wonderfully shaped autumn leaf I found this Fall.

*a little wild daisy with a bright center and little white petals from my husband Dan from the summertime.

*a pink flower my mom found for me when we were walking in Boston and gave to me, now turned lavender purple.

*a preserved thin tree bark mysteriously given today inside the back cover of my new Jane Eyre book.

Confirmed not from Dan; also he is slightly fearful of pressed or preserved nature himself, but it is fine for me to enjoy them. It was not a used copy of a book and the bark was not there when I’d flipped through this little special gift of a book to myself before I began reading it, the tree bark preserved on earth, from hands of heaven; I am not greedy though, but I am happy.

Oh, another story just in: Dan got locked in the mall tonight, they just shut it down, it was just time they’d close for the night, but the cleaning man got him out, and he’s safe back home now, was in good spirits the whole time. 💕😅

😊💖💐🌼And now I let go of the phone to move into rest mode.


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