So Relaxing

I completed my latest drawing this evening! “So Relaxing” by Jade Nicole Beals, Nov. 26, 2022, graphite pencils on paper, surreal still life imagined.

You may notice different things: a bowl of cereal with a spoon, a checkered scarf or throw blanket, a fluffed bedtime pillow, throw pillow, a small throw rug, a pot of melted honey; to the right, a bowl of sugar cubes, to the left top, a bowl of blackberries, a tree and outdoor scene to the left, to the right a big couch, to the upper right a miniature-sized couch, a smaller version of the big couch.

🐱Peeko viewed this drawing and had a puffy kitten face as he viewed my finished art, like he’s proud, and that he also only wants to see completed work that ‘is good’, no works in progress. He was looking directly at the honey pot, as if it looked good to him. 😊😋

Note: I enjoy drawing, am going to continue next with a thicker drawing paper book, although I am happy with this drawing; it was just close to not being able to hold the pencil shadow.

Lightweight sketchbooks are great for quickly captured ‘sketches’ and for practice, or on the go.

I will also look into a paper cutter for supplies.


2 responses to “So Relaxing”

  1. Cherished Jade. You achieved a magnificent drawing and also a precious and detailed comment.
    You have the good advice of Doctor Peeko 🍯🤭
    You have a way of capturing the image, very personal. I love that you mix the real and the surreal, in the same work. Sketchuniverse is working as series or thematic batches. Now it’s focused on animals. When the blog returns to cooking topics, I will remember your work to reblog it. Stay splendid as ever 😘😘 A lot of caresses to Peeko.

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  2. Thank you SketchUniverse, I look forward to your perceptive comments!! I am glad you noticed that as real and surreal in my piece, something I am happy with! I am also glad to have my art appear on your page anytime 🙂 🙂


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