Kinds of Poems for the Future and About the First Poem I Ever Wrote

I find I actually have 2 possible poetry projects saved in two folders and forming for the future. One is for free verse and traditional form poetry, and the other is for prose poetry, like this one that began as two separate free writes. There are also haiku and tanka, which could fit in somewhere as dividers in the verse poetry project, or maybe I have another collection for the future!! I also submit a few to magazines but a little closer to the book completed date, and I want to leave most of it as an unread surprise.

The rest of my creative writing continues off the blog, just sharing this start-off prose 2 part poem. 🙂 And a poetry book will contain a more tangible or specific theme as I am ready to start working on it and deciding on one, with new poems to go with it…

I plan when I work on it to try a form I’d not written in awhile called “narrative poetry,” in which there is a little story conveyed in the poem…A famous narrative poet I first think of is Robert Frost; some of them found in his book New Hampshire. I also remember the first poem I ever wrote was a rhyming narrative poem; it was also a fantasy, spiritual genre and felt very advanced to me at my age of 13 when I wrote it; I wrote it on February 14, 1999…


💖 I was dreaming of my soulmate to begin writing this poem (The I is the speaker in the poem); I’d first envisioned the person as a female for the poem, but I felt then I should phrase this as the more predictable or accepted “he.” But it wouldn’t really change the idea of the poem for me which was fine.

And so it begins, I was in great distress and tears rolled down my cheeks in the poem when I found my love was dead. I wanted to keep sending kisses anyway and holding hands. And then someone else secret with a blurred face on a dark gray horse arrived and knocked away the coffin and took it away from me, and I was in greater distress.

What came first right after that was a heavenly scent and a melody flowing from my love’s lips, and my love said I would always have this love no matter what happened to their earth body. We then rode together in the sky on great wings and ended up at a relaxing beach… ‘onto a paradise we did land where tranquility was embedded into every grain of sand,’ and many lullabies were sung, and then the secret I say, is revealed, that this was my secret angel love, the secret not kept sealed tightly any longer, and our love is set free, as ‘the happiness inside me I’d felt rise.’


Right now though, for writing, I am focusing mainly on my in progress first (fantasy) novel. 🙏💞🙏


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