A Letter between author May Ziadeh and Friend, with My Own Line of Literary Critique

an excerpt from Intimate Pages, Part Two, with dedication to her friend Sidonie Ripperger, in May’s first book of poetry in French, Fleurs de Reve, Flowers of a Dream:

…You end your letter by complaining that you are a young girl, not a young man. You are a little right; women have been called “the fair sex” and that is wrong; women make up the pretty sex, the fair sex is reserved for men. It amazes you, but it’s the truth: many men are handsome, while few women are beautiful, and many are pretty.

I understand your pain if you live with people who are not what you love, I understand your disgust, I understand this melancholy that comes with a life you don’t want. I understand that you desire the solitude that is made for elite souls and souls who have nobility of intelligence or that of heart.

It seems that when you are young you cannot judge real life; the imagination is struck by certain images which appear bright, it is as if dazzled by them and then when reason takes its main place, there is a necessary relaxation which tires you through.

We keep repeating it theoretically; then, prove that youth are stupid or incapable: In everything and always, there needs to be an ideal which lifts the soul, an ideal superior to the common one but nevertheless achievable…

My Line of Literary Insight😅: May writes…You could’ve really made a cuter boy, aw oh well, enough complaints…You kinda ugly 🤗, but at least, don’t be stupid, too. ☀️☀️☀️

I also think May was referring to the Italian philosophy of ‘the ideal’ well I like it! She has great humor.

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