1…2….3…4! Literary Salons Today, Tuesday

November 29, 2022

  1. May Ziadeh’s literary salon at my home (compassionate literary encouragement) not “historically based” are my posts—the time spent is from my own perspective told on the blog. She just came one night on her own when I’d just found and read just one poem from her first poetry book before bed that I’d thought prev. was lost in copies—It was a Tuesday, but I wouldn’t know that significance ‘til later…and again…and she was happy to host the salon again, a silent mutual agreement, as she’d not done so since Tuesdays in the 1920s; it has been so delightful. 
  2. Indelible Literary Magazine’s, PsychCreative Salon on Zoom tomorrow: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwpdOqtqjIrEt2DBDxVDC9SwitDzx-3V62Z Zoom Online, Based in London, London Time is 7 pm, Afternoon for me. It is a Creative Dreams Session!!
  3. NaNoWriMo Local Group is having a Final Push Writing party online at 7:30 pm; I won’t make this one, but I’d scheduled the one in person, as I continue writing my first novel. 
  4. The local Mansfield, MA Book Group is meeting at 6 pm in person! Not required to read or complete the book they chose, a casual atmosphere in a comfortable antique room.
  5. What to do, What to do! 😁☺📖📚📚💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
    —Pick Your Salon(s).

…And this cat is ready for nighttime relaxation; he picks and chooses where and what he will attend and what he will read…at home…We await his full results from the vet to receive this week; he seems contented and eating well.


A Tip For Book Lovers who Like Baths: If you get your book wet while reading and bathing, place it when you get out of the bathtub into the freezer. (It helps to have a towel beneath the book, a place to dry your hands, when inside bath). The sooner the book goes in the freezer, the better, and my Jane Eyre book is preserved as I left it in the freezer for about 30 mins. (I’d only splashed a page. I’ve done this with other books that have turned out well.)

I tend to do a time of more yoga stretching, as fish pose lifted is a favorite bath yoga pose, and not a favorite at all of mine out of the bath.

Maine Coon cats like Peeko especially love water, but may have such manners as not to actually splash the water or stay around while their parent is taking a bath. They may just look into the water, make sure it is all safe, and running well.

You might get your vegetables out ready to steam and pop out your now renewed book from the freezer, and enjoy a restful time reading…

Four lit salons is plenty. 😁🙏💕☺💞


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