I Finish My Falling Apart Copy of Jane Eyre Before Midnight

(photo and content update, “the morning after”)

…I started with a short paint session, and I have the first part of my idea started well while the rest of the canvas looks in messy distress, but I was able to stop in time to just paint a little and also complete Jane Eyre (1847) while the book was still in one piece 😅. I also finished NaNoWriMo at 3162 words, nowhere near the word count to “win,” with my very own promising beginning, but I win anyway because that’s what I’d decided before I joined, and novels like other types of art take however long they take for me. 🙂

I am actually relieved to complete reading this book. First, the actual book edition I have I wouldn’t recommend, the larger text spacing looked nice at first but also became pages of space and repetitiveness. And so that can also make it harder to enjoyably finish a book. It is nice that the defective copy cost no price ‘cause I don’t find this one fully a favorite book.
Two, the disregard of mental health along with racism was very unkindly glossed over, and I understand the time was different, and I did like the novel Villette (1853) much better for that. The six years were a major improvement for me in the author Charlotte Bronte’s writing and treatment, too of mental health in her books.

I like the idea of simply loving what or who you love, but I just could not stand Mr. Rochester.
The copy is not readable probably right now as it was coming apart from the back and kind of falling down onto my lap toward the middle to end of the read, but it stayed together in the way for me to complete it…:)


I have an unexpected line of literary critique: I noticed though I’d not realized when I’d posted that letter between author May Ziadeh and her friend, that they could’ve been discussing Jane Eyre. For example, in the full letter found here, May asks her friend, “Do you know why you are attractive? It is because you are you. Personality presupposes originality.” And also in Jane Eyre there is a part about dazzling lights as May continues that you may not know exactly what you really want when you are young.

Her friend seems to ask what a charmer is, in which May replies “a person who charms someone; it does not mean anything.” This is also included in Jane Eyre, a popular term in English literature from the time period.

And last, not sure if included in any excerpts, there is the discussion of being intelligent and kind or kind and stupid, and in this part, May writes that she would prefer a smart villain to a good fool! It seems May enjoyed intentionality, what we could do in our lives and the effect it can have on ourselves and others, as our purpose in a life of which people may complain is meaningless… May Ziadeh might say, it is this passion for what is ideal and our informed actions towards it that fill a person with both joy and purpose. So they could have been discussing the very book. 🙂


Time for bed!…My canvas is still very untidy, but I’ll let it rest as long as it needs, or more like I need, to see it afresh and make a simple session two…I don’t mind waiting to work on it with some time away from it if I feel like that, even if I have a title in mind tonight.


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