My Pick from the List, and My Complaint

November 31, 2022

I picked from my list: I wanted to paint; it was looking beautiful; I had no concept beforehand, and I saw a look I liked from the start.

But then I kept adding and adding and I found a concept at that point, with a tone of a color I’d added but also didn’t find the tone to introduce it, but it is not looking so good. So I let the canvas dry and put all my supplies away.

A natural comb I’d found on Etsy (I didn’t need it, but what about thin bamboo? what might it do, with my hair? It was not good. 😅 It is non-returnable, was on sale inexpensive, and it is now the perfect art tool! I plan to keep that part in my painting.)

I will envision that concept I’d had and paint it in shorter sessions. The concept may be just a little “plenty,” and I will envision it “calm and simple.”

I’m still feeling that temporary complaint of: …But my canvas is kinda ugly!




My Art Projects in Progress and Ones I’ve Noted for the Future

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