Happy Birthday, Britney! (A Literary and Art History and Present Day Post)

My December 2nd post rewritten as you’ll read on… :):

The last I remember, I was writing yesterday evening about the phrase a “New York minute” and expressing I would like to slow down, in my amended post to wish Britney a happy birthday from the post of December 2nd, and somehow half the night was lost in my memory to marijuana smoke gradually rising up into my bedroom with forgotten outlet cover as I explained in prev. post about possible secondhand high, and my own (abrupt) name changing on Goodreads!!

Happy birthday Britney Spears! I lost the post and it ran away without me. And I also had made Britney about 8 IG stories ‘cause in my New York minute, none were showing up, so I made her another one…and another one! 😉 making me look pretty crazed by the end of the afternoon…

Britney Spears and Elton John “Hold Me Closer” 🌊🏝🏖

I think my Jane Eyre copy, which unexpectedly fell apart (Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice last yr too around the same time), and Jane Eyre I did not really like overall, being replaced free, is on its way to me, giving me another writing project idea! I’ll be rocking my completely free copy (store apologies for the defect), uh oh. 😉

I realized later on it was author Ameen Rihani’s birthday on Thanksgiving this yr, Nov. 24th b. 1876, and that was around when I think my Jane Eyre was beginning to come apart a little. Writer Ameen was a colleague of May Ziadeh’s and was recognized by me in a biography I’d read that stated he had really helped her a lot to be freed from a horrible mental asylum in Lebanon (not there presently) where she was unfairly placed.

The phrase “blush of dawn” I’d created in 2010 to name this blog was used also in his first novel in 1911 as a major metaphorical theme; I’d not read the novel ‘til 2021; I found “blush of dawn” my blog name, mentioned in it as a complete surprise! I’ve written of the writer, poet, May often on the blog. Ameen Rihani was a friend May’s letter-writing love, artist Kahlil Gibran in NYC whom May wished to marry—he’d boasted to May in a letter that he “has 2 birthdays” a month apart, one of them December 6th—in which I’d promptly taken one of those birthdays for Miss May, the first one, and it falls on a Tuesday this yr, the day May hosts her literary salon. Sorry! 😅 …Jan. 6th, 1883 it is for Kahlil Gibran, as Wikipedia states. We don’t know, he may be floating around with his ‘true love, angel’ Boston school principal, “Miss Mary Haskell,” b. Dec. 11th, 1873 in South Carolina, USA whom received by will all of Kahlil’s art and studio contents when he died.

I’d realized later it was Ameen Rihani’s birthday afterwards, when my Jane Eyre was maybe dropped by me, or partly coming apart, or a defective design, and my Jane Austen found copy of Pride and Prejudice the yr. before…Is this man smoking my Janes? Did he smoke my birthday blog to Britney? Sagittarians. Ameen wrote about smoking marijuana and pipes himself playfully in his fiction.

…in a New York minute, this author Ameen also lived in NYC, b. 1876, in his younger years, but he went back to his birthplace, Lebanon maybe sometime in his adult life. His wife’s name was Bertha Case. Happy Birthday Ameen. Bertha was an American artist, and she was in the Picasso, Cezanne painter group, a friend of the Fauvist painters, and so beautifully it was noted she had loved him for life. I am sorry, I cannot find the correct Bertha Case with her birthday also listed. Blessings. —Fauvism favored vibrant colors, a kind of ‘wild art’:—A beautiful, colorful painting as a portrait of Bertha Case called “The Pink Parasol: Bertha Case:” https://artuk.org/discover/artworks/the-pink-parasol-bertha-case-83944. Dec. 6th: Wait!! I’d thought, if I cannot find her birthday and May already has one and I do too, is today Berthaday? 😊

And then today, I successfully found Bertha’s birthday: August 9, 1879! Born in the south, a painter and wife of Ameen Rihani; she lived and died in NYC in 1970. And then I put the computer away, let my body lead my walk outside, as I planned last night for today. 😉 That’s it—It is Bodyday too! 😂

A Jane Eyre literary comment from me: the Bertha character with the mental illness was pretty callously presented by the narrator; I don’t blame the man (Ameen Rihani) if I now have a remix project idea.

…The local Christmas parade in Massachusetts is about to begin now…:)


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