My Art Projects in Progress and Ones I’ve Noted for the Future

Wednesday, November 30th, ‘22

Yesterday, there were about 4 writer and book events happening. I went to 3 events :), and my cat Peeko attended 0 of them by his choice.

(…He just made this expression like me, as if with humor, mid-groom and bathing himself for a long while; I tried to get a portrait photo of him. He’d chosen this bowl yrs ago to sleep in as was not wanting any “silly cat beds”; we don’t use it for fruit or anything else.)

On Peeko’s health: But he is doing well in perfect health; the vet concluded, Peeko just needs to be more “challenged” in playtime as he is active and catches on quickly, and also that Peeko may just find it a pleasant activity to himself to meow at his Dad to annoy him…So they’d suggested not to answer the meows that way, as behavior therapy. And we are looking into new or different toys for this 🐱scholar. Thank you.

—I think now, which projects am I working on, and are there any I’d like to save to maybe work on in the future?

  1. My first novel: I’ve written just the beginning, now about 11 paperback pages, and I have a better understanding of this new world as well in the fantasy genre. I am also considering what could be my protagonist’s greatest treasure or motivation? It could also be something she wishes to change.
  2. Verse Poetry Collection: Deliberately writing for a book of poetry would be better for me to work on after the novel: I collected a couple of ghazal poems I’d written, a sonnet and more, basically any poem with a defined structure, I would probably include free verse, with a certain theme or concept.
  3. Prose Poetry Collection: Same idea, but a book of prose poems; I’ve written a few. A prose poem tends to be descriptive and metaphorical and is written in paragraph form, rather than in lines of verse with line breaks. I could place haiku or tanka between the prose poems, as an idea, as a contrast of form, same topic concept.
  4. What this means is that I still like poetry and am inspired to use more often my dictionary and thesaurus books, add some interest in form, you’ll see…(This is not a project #.) 💕
  5. I want to draw more, I have a book of drawing paper: But I’d like to sketch a scene from life, whether somewhere outside or in my big sketchbook, or probably pocket-sized: when I finish a pocket sketchpad, I will show the completed book flipping through the pages
  6. My Jane Austen poetry project: I was reminded that I’d saved a few pages that fell apart from the beginning of my free found copy of Pride and Prejudice last year. I plan sometime to make “found” poems from it—in which you browse a text and select words from it to arrange into your poem or you can fill in your own words too. I will write one Jane Austen poem before I read the actual book, and another, after.
  7. A new painting. I have a new medium- bigger-sized canvas I can paint. I think I’ll envision a kind of simple composition…and likely one more imaginative or abstract. I have that started.
  8. (last week)—I think it will either be a poem (Jane Austen) or a painting I will work on after this…But right now, I am winding through Jane Eyre toward its ending, with a heavy book so big it broke while reading!☺️ (But I am getting a free replacement🙏😊 and no cost to me for either copy)…and Can you handle all these Janes? (If you include me, most often mistaken as “Jane” in my life and I would often not correct it. 😅) I think this has been plenty of art projects too, and love. 💞💞💞💞
  9. —After all this :), I am adding the poetry project: a “found” Jane Eyre poem, as in I find and pick the words from the novel to arrange in my own poem, when I receive the replacement copy.
  10. Jade (Don’t worry about my numbers) 💞

4 responses to “My Art Projects in Progress and Ones I’ve Noted for the Future”

  1. There is something so satisfying about listing creative projects. For a few years I’ve belonged to group that reads and discusses books about creativity. We began with Cameron’s The Artist’s Way. There have been a few assignments in these books to make lists like this and then to prioritize.

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  2. Yes, I agree! Tho I’d heard and tried her “Morning Pages” exercise in the past; I’d not heard that list…:) glad to see my idea confirmed 😀
    I hope you and Perry are feeling better!! 💕💕💕💕sending prayers and thoughts


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