My Breath Said, Let’s Dance More, and then a Secret Gift Arrived

(feat. photo, Fri., December 2, ‘22 concept: ‘philosophical inquiry on self-portraits in general’ while taking the photo)

I spent the evening dancing before dinnertime…

Realizing my breath can tell me that I’ve been away from it, and my body desire shows me I am happy to return.

I’ve been doing plenty of writing, painting, blogging, sketching, and drawing this month and last— but not dancing enough, and I was not stretching enough, a subtler thrill!

I was out of breath at the beginning but not so badly; that just tells me I should do more!

How the mind can lead me to my body in a way that satisfies the mind the best!

And I danced through many songs; there are now almost 300 total on my Party Playlist (but not danced through all 300 tonight. 😉 I am pretty able to hold myself up on one arm and leg side plank each side, bend arm overheard, even climb the wall with my feet, flip around, but for just a second can I hold that amazing flight.

What I want to continue tomorrow is dancing, walking around in the sun (I hope), and especially stretching.

My fingers have been ready to grab my pen and pages, but I enjoy more to pace myself—scatter art with spaces in between throughout my whole life!

Here’s a stretch you can try in a chair, on a mat, or reclining on the back, esp. for your back and those who work in office: I sit with my soles of my feet touching, lower back right against the back of the chair, knees apart, bound angle or butterfly: this is a good stretch for flexibility.

Dim the lights to enjoy the night, imagining. Stretch and meditate or concentrate, Talk and aloud in a prayer and stretch, or stretch and imagine…

Oh, I just got a Spa gift this moment!!! I didn’t order it myself….I checked. Yes it is addressed to me: It is heat therapy spa set with aromatherapy. Thank you whoever sent it!!! This is very exciting because of you. and your generosity 🥰💞🥰💞

It has a sweet mint-like scent with fine herbs like chamomile, and lavender, cinnamon, and lemongrass; I can wrap it around me, or on my shoulders, or eyes, and forehead. Thank you!!! No gift note but feel free to let me know if you wish. Now I am very relaxed. Thank you; it smells so wonderful.


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