Live on Camera!: ‘Dreams’ Session with PsychCreative Salon

December 6, 2022

…I stepped into the livingroom to find this blushing rose pink champagne and red wine sunrise sky today

I attended this informative and interactive dreaming session and poetry reading last week on video. Tuesday. Next time I will put into practice not being so disruptive with moving my camera around the whole time! 🥰🧚‍♀️….🫖Yes my outfit changes by Part 2. 🙏

I reply to a question from Roula at the 48 mark, 😊and then I ask a question of my own to the presenter. At around the 1 hr pt, poets will read their poems, I didn’t read, yet you will see Hedy Habra—an author and artist whose poetry collection, Tea in Heliopolis I’d really enjoyed and greatly admired when I’d found the book last year—reads a selection of her insightful, imaginative, and often amusing poems live on video, in the second half.

And today’s Tuesday salon at my home is close to beginning…I am grateful it begins with my solitude honored and given :)…I am naturally an awaken during morning sunrise person.

First, I will make tea just before the literary salon begins, drink tea and dream ;), and this salon will be filled: with plenty of silence, meditatively enjoying that, companionable sitting and relaxing, and replenishment it tends to begin, around 8:30 am.

GlamCat….😽attended both salons. Your very own—💕Peeko



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