A ‘Lost’ Recipe Found and Made for Dinner, Delicious

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I am not an 👩‍🍳official chef, but I cook plenty, and I made this Armenian-Lebanese dinner tonight. I am happy with the creativity you can find in cooking and wanted to share some. I’d heard of this meal sometime ago on a list, a rare or forgotten Armenian-Lebanese dinner recipe…It involves lightly stir-fried cherries (or cherry preserves!)

and I don’t measure spices or had checked the recipe again, but I have them figured out well with my senses…This one has steamed and stir-fried zucchini, beef, parsley, cumin, cinnamon, pink salt, pepper, cherry preserve jam, and Greek yogurt, but can also use labneh. Steam zucchini, stir fry beef in olive oil (or tempeh) with pink salt and pepper, stirring, add zucchini slices, add cumin (salty spice), parsley flakes or chopped (earth fresh), cinnamon (sweet), cherry preserves (sweet), pepper (earth salty spice), yogurt (sweet sour balance.)

Serve in bowls with forks and place spoons on table to add extra yogurt and cherry preserves (can also use fresh cherries if desired) into the bowls.

For mixing the spices, breathe in as you cook, think, all scents balanced or even. (easily made Vegeterian with tofu or tempeh.)😊👩‍🍳💞


4 responses to “A ‘Lost’ Recipe Found and Made for Dinner, Delicious”

  1. That meal sounds so delicious Jade. I know what an amazing cook you are. Had the pleasure of experiencing that first hand. I love the combination of fruit with savory food. The cherries sound so good in this! Looks great too!
    Also love your vegetarian ideas.

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