3 Things to Do Today in Balance

feat. photo: for a future project, this Jane Eyre I was given, with the gold stain. The idea: Write a “found poem,” but I will not cut out or glue any words from the actual book, just look through it and arrange the words I will write on my own paper. 🙂

After a needed poetry intermission, awhile I worked on mainly poetry other projects aside. Today I will…

  • work just a little on this abstract painting (in progress) today, am curious about texture; this is the day I started it, and I only worked on it this time:
  • go for a walk around in the sun☀️ after lunch.
  • The local Writers group, the group that participated in NaNoWriMo now that NaNo month is done, the group is continuing to meet. Tonight we’ll meet at 6 pm ‘til 7 pm at Panera in Plainville, MA.

And just now, I consider my main character again: realizing a sense of curiosity or fascination is what may be drawing her toward her own more general goal…

What is this curiosity? I feel I’ll know more as I write more of this character being intrigued with a certain (significant) thing, a tangible object that is…:) Which object? I have an idea of one in mind…to go from there. There could be two that are significant….I’ll find the second after the first. 🙂

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