A Book and a Birthday

I am reading a new book, Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison (1977). It is very intriguing. I’d remembered reading the novel sometime when I’d lived in New York and I remembering loving her writing style, yet nothing else at all. I thought it was published in 2004, but that was the reprint; it’s 1977 copyrighted.

The novel feels somewhere between real life, a movie, and a myth, by author Toni Morrison, who was b. a day before my birthday, she was b. Feb. 18th and she died in the year 2019, but I’d not known that when I picked this book to read together in a readalong with a friend from across the world. I found as I am at the beginning the story is set, so far, in a small unnamed town in Michigan, USA beginning the setting with Lake Superior.


…Birthdays have been a theme on Blush of Dawn recently, and it is today another pop-singer’s birthday, Nicki Minaj I’d found around the time I was listening to more of Britney Spears’ music catalogue than I’d known in the 1990s having found the free campaign when I found out about it similar to a campaign that affected Feb. 11, 1886 born poet and author, May Ziadeh, born 8 days before my own birthday, and 100 yrs earlier.

I forgot I was taking a break from blogging to return next week, but I remembered a singer’s birthday who I was listening to often last yr…Forget blog break, Remember Nicki’s bday.

I’d found Nicki’s music because a favorite singer of mine, Sarah McLachlan had recommended Justin Bieber as pop music she’d liked or recommended in an interview…So I got pop, and from there, how I found Nicki I don’t remember. 🙂

I’d found May Ziadeh as a poet I could relate to through translating her romantic era style poetry, and plenty more, finding we were writing even some same phrases in ways that added to, contrasted, or complimented each other, having found her in a Google search for female poets in the Middle East (looking for poets in places I’d not yet read much from), and that being 80 yrs after she’d died now mainly unknown at the time, after a period of a little fame, just before WWII started, and in my own country today, not well known there as well…May has helped me find my own truest potential, even beyond words; she has been life-changing to me, but I had not channeled her at all; it’s all been unexpected, free will, a spirit of heaven even from her writings on earth.

As for Nicki Minaj, what I had liked best and I found very intriguing was her sound and her entrance into a song. The contrast of lyrics at times had been interesting.

“Boyz” which came out last yr shows Nicki will give me none of my favorite things that were topics last year on the blog, No cereal, no fruits, and she doesn’t want me, or my library.

Imaginary Dialogue with a Question, A Short Interview: “You are listening to 🎶’I’m the Best,’ Do you think you are the best?” Me: “No. But I am enjoying listening to Nicki expressing herself as the best at this time.”…Happy Birthday Nicki!

The birthdays don’t stop, more to come…🙂

…And I just now got my own ‘new all free replacement copy, defective copy store apologies’, Jane Eyrewith the gold stain. 💛


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