Writing My First Novel, A Glimpse of Thoughts on a Special Object Unnamed

Home now. 🙂 Words written by hand tonight in my notebook for this novel, not typed up yet, just a free write that will be rephrased as part of an active scene to be written, which involve two main characters, and how they each feel or react to this same interesting object. I also wrote what they are like in personality at the time they may talk about this together, and what the protagonist interiorly will struggle with throughout the novel that also involves this subtly…One has treasured this one item awhile, a very long while; the other is just very intrigued and deeply inspired by it as something new.

And the two characters have just met at the start of the story as quick friends. It may question…What is really real? 🙂 (One character is a visual artist and loves draw, so art has a place.) And also what is so very cherished, and what effect that has on everything else? 🤫💞


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