Writing Your Novel, A Strategy: You May Start with a Question or Two of Choice in Real Life

Writing can be in your mind or imagination, but building your story, it can really help as you write to get real life information just by asking an informal interview to someone of your choice you may find works in a field you know not much about. It does not have to translate the profession directly into your novel, especially if you write fantasy or magic realist fiction, but you may find a component helps a lot for getting your own fictional ideas and understanding the way it may look in reality. I myself have thought of just 2 questions, not to be overwhelming at all, and to see where that brings me.

It can help if the person you ask seems more candid but also comfortable with you asking them about their experience, profession or expertise…

Sometimes you may imaginatively question say, your protagonist, but even in a fantasy genre novel, like mine, I am still interested in asking for help with a couple of questions; can be fun for the other parties as well. And we all know; it is all fiction.

Plainville, MA Writing Group meets tonight at Panera, 6 pm; I am already coming up with an idea from my main character to write more about there!! Already adventurous. And my protagonist I’ve realized is a curious person.

If any writers have asked real questions for their fiction, what was it like? Or anyone who has had a kind of informal interview of their field?


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