Care Cat, Teddie, and the Moon and Stars Pocket

…🐱Peeko and 🧸Teddie, ‘This is a very serious meeting’

a highly confidential meeting at the coffee table. 🙂

Peeko looks like he is trying to copy Teddie’s stance, and with his own classic ‘Peeko pout’ for effect.

You might have read about my wellness replenishment index cards post I wrote, for artists or anyone who wish to have more rest and relaxation in their lives. And my cat Peeko has been proud to be ‘in charge of the care cards.’

This gift arrived addressed to me with no sender (in an Amazon package), and the herbs were so sweetly fragrant and put me to sleep, and gave me a telling vision that night, which I’d not had before. I loved it but also felt these were very potent, and so I created this square pocket to keep, which has become a cherished pocket with an uplifting night sky pattern, for my own treasures, like these relaxation cards. 🙂

Cats like accomplishment, and this one likes to make sure rest is encouraged.


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