An Abstract Painting in the Making, Session 2

IN PROGRESS. Session 2. An abstract painting in the making.

(This was session 1 when I was trying out texture on canvas.)


A unique composition, I notice is forming that I’d like to keep, and this one I find best painted with very slow additions and its simplicity and pure space preserved.

I will continue it also with this new gold enamel accent paint I am trying out for the first time and really enjoy. I’ve used a natural bamboo comb for some texture; I plan to complete the painting with the comb too, stayed tuned.

And the fact that it snowed last night where I live in Massachusetts with snow upon the trees and the ground I can see through my windows today is the perfect accompaniment I could not have asked a better support!

2 responses to “An Abstract Painting in the Making, Session 2”

  1. Thank you, I was hoping for that; this second session I can see is very bright, and I am hoping to achieve a similar richness of color in my next painting to come. 🙂 But I am also very pleased with the final result in my more recent post “Mountain Peak” and find it fits the concept well.


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