Singer Amy Lee’s Birthday and a Sketch at the Library

Well, it looks like this blog in recent weeks has been me floating toward you upon a great sea of famous author and singers’ birthdays…I am keeping up.

Today, I had looked online after thinking (there is another birthday?)…It is singer Amy Lee from Evanescence’s birthday.

Last yr or before, I was so overwhelmed with excitement when I found Amy Lee had done solo work apart from the band Evanescence, and that long ago I had wished this when I loved her voice and vocal skills, and her hair! I am pretty sure I had shared my favorite song of hers on this blog last year.

Happy birthday, Amy Lee! I especially like the Guy Sigsworth remix of her solo song “Love Exists,” which I found out is a song that was originally written in Italian and with slightly different lyrics in that version. I love the English lyrics and this whole song ♥️:


The literary salon began with my own practice of reading poems aloud, then an “apple slices” relaxation bath with yoga stretch beauty salon, and then by afternoon, off to the library to pick up the local book club read for the next meeting in January, Night Ship by Jess Kidd. The long tables were looking inviting, and I had brought my big sketchbook and supplies ahead of time but forgot to bring my newest supply, a kneaded eraser (there was a half pout). I still attempted to do a quick sketch from the side view of the table beside me, and sketch it as big as possible and so looking larger than reality:

I was the only one sitting, and the chair at the next table was pulled out, the only one, with no one nearby sitting there, so I sketched that chair from the side, and I titled it “Please Sit.” As a sketch, you’ll find my initials / signature on front with place I was and the date. For paintings and drawings as art, I will sign and date the back.


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