Party in My Home Library

December 15, 2022

I just threw all the books off my shelf (quietly) and it looks just like Christmas morning! I love design and especially arranging my books. I had gotten a few new books recently…That one folder still standing I was very gentle with as it contains my recent drawings and I will keep it someplace else more secure.

I had raised the height of these bookshelves myself for a more dramatic look around new year’s last year! 😊💕🔨📚

I will drink my homemade dark hot chocolate now. Afterwards, I will wipe down each shelf and each book, moved aside to reach; I will look at each book I have. 😊💕 I will place the 📚books back on the shelf however I would like. I will also pick any book I would like to reread next from my home library. But this is a fun place to start.

—And my husband’s books on the top were taken out voluntarily and not derisively; he was happy for me to have my own library as I read all the time, and he himself prefers to do other things than read with his interests; he wanted any in a more subtle spot of his own, and wanted to give away some he’d not wanted in the first place: he himself doesn’t care for many books.

After, December 16th 2022: All New Bookshelf as I Form My Home Library


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