All New Bookshelf as I Build My Own Home Library

🎂Happy 247th birthday Jane Austen!

Dramatic shelf height last yr, now all new arrangement, with a few additions I will tell about as I read (of those three, I’ve read Jane Eyre and Song of Solomon). You may know I am forming my home paper book library. Previous photo showed the before; now the shelf is complete with dusting off and placing every book back, a clean sweep of these shelves, and an appreciation for the books I already have. Sometimes seeing a photo can help you know what you may wish to change, but an update to a note I wrote last night: I am happy with how Honeybear looks on the right side, in front, lounging. 🙂

I did not pick a new “reread” yet from these. But my nominees are….Little Women by L.M. Alcott, Little Men by L.M. Alcott, Christy by Catherine Marshall, Scenes from the Beach by George Thatcher…

Which will it be? ?

I will let you know when I know 📚😊💕



the “before” photo

—🧘‍♀️✨📘 update: I picked Little Men by Louisa May Alcott.

2 responses to “All New Bookshelf as I Build My Own Home Library”

  1. I used to love Alcott books and read all of them many times. My favorite is An Old-Fashioned Girl, but I also loved Jo’s Boys. Of course, Little Women is probably the most well-written. When I re-read Little Men I was struck by how poorly written it was–for instance, tons of expository nonsense at the beginning.

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