blush of dawn Jade Nicole Beals


I wrote this poem using the text of Pride and Prejudice posted on December 16, 2022, Jane Austen’s birthday. A “collage poem” with some lines from the text and my own words.


by Jade Nicole Beals

Giving over? Giving up? 
I’ll never be sensible to the extreme. 

Surpass the rest? 
Like a thrill, not simply flattery, but better:
Your own pride you’ve held so well. 

The party’s closing early?
I am not obliged by the scarcity of city 
lamplights and flashing billboards.

Just once? Be it strength
not required. Keep up? As if it were a stance
of power and pride. 

Who cares in this century 
to denote symmetry?
Where do I stand? This begins a sweeter reprise.
I’d thought I’d knelt if it were permissible. 
I looked up toward you.

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