A Glam Christmas Party

And no one is taking pictures yet? Well I took a few of myself. 😊💕

I got these sparkly pants today and the pink and gold belt too for this occasion, and with a light, black open sweater. I decided to see it as a “dress up” party, with some spontaneous theme for myself.

I am wearing a gold Renaissance style baby cherub angel around my neck…The look is Loud meets Italian Renaissance.


The lights turned off a moment while little cousins were wrestling as a pass-time. I think I was still asking what happened to the lights when my camera flash took this lit up lighting mid-question and then the lights were back on…:)

Yoga Renaissance with sparkle pants and gliding shoes should come soon.

I’ve been told I am still running on NY time (even after many yrs), but photos were taken just after this, to be received…:)


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