Just Two More Things: A Secret Story to Gift and a Novel Read

(This is my fortune cookie today, featured photo: I could have written it! You know 😅And maybe I did, indirectly, with “algorithms.”)

I said I would go on my blog vacation, then I left on a sad note and with my original blog theme needing to be restored, and it is working fine now…that has passed, I am feeling happy, and I also wanted to return for just two main things:

  1. I had an idea come and feel confirmed: Today I am writing a “secret story,” which is a short story I will give especially to someone as a gift at our Christmas gathering…I know who I will give it too, and no one else does, not even them, but everyone will be happy that I gave it, and I have other little gifts to give. I will probably submit the story to a magazine and any others any other time… If I write more, I’ll make a tab for stories on the top menu.
  2. I just finished Little Men! I really couldn’t put it down. It is so sweet and funny with a feeling of everyone in pajamas with a very cozy warm home setting, also a Christmas story, the novel is episodic which was a popular way of childrens’ fiction esp. in the early 1900s. These are chapters like little episodes that do not necessarily build up progressively, and those familiar with contemporary novel structure may find the antique style not very suspenseful that way: but I loved this feel of an antique time with these very quirky, yet all recognizable in personality children characters who live with Aunt Jo and Fritz at Plumfield. The story suggests some way to bring out the good in a child and really anyone and at the same time, explores a picture of “mischief” and sometimes “badness” that may appear odd or humorous but also brings it all into the open. Trying new methods…seeing different results, seeing results work twice, and all the storytelling and plays put me in the mood for me writing a new story as a gift!
  3. As I’d had so many late November – December writings for authors and musicians I did not look up author of Little Men (1871) and of Little Women, L.M. Alcott’s birthday just yet but now I can: it is November 29, 1832, which puts her in that date range as all the other authors and musicians Uh ohh oh 😅! And she was born in Boston too, near where I live in Massachusetts. Glad I was able to have that little mini break though before I discovered this…blog to be continued!
  4. See you soon!! 💖🧚—Jade😇

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