my Care Cat gazing at me as I was napping & feeling unwell

Update: I just woke and my breathing is all normal now! I slept for a long time…as for books, I woke with a bookmark in my bed with me but no book❔😊📚🧚: I must have fallen asleep before I got one to read. 😀🙏It is evening now. The nurse 🐱is smiling from his tower now, slowly closing both eyes as the highest affection (and it is still vacation 😊):

Earlier: I am now sick on my vacation, so it is not an official one. I can’t do much but dream. I will get a COVID test tomorrow if my breathing doesn’t get better, or any worse…But this is my Care Cat Peeko with a look of love and concern, such compassion, and a library of books behind him; he is kneading the blanket with his paws and looking at me. 🙂

*And tonight as I am making a simple pasta dinner with steamed green peas, I am beginning to read A Christmas Carol and Other Stories, but the just “Other Stories” this time, by Charles Dickens, a book from my library.

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