I Started Over, A New Short Story, and It’s Completed!

But you will not read it in this post. 🙂

I was writing a secret short story as a gift to be given to someone (no one knows but me) at the upcoming Christmas gathering with my family in New York…

The one I started writing the other day I was not too happy with, and I recommend this, if intuition makes you feel like you don’t want to write a topic or certain characters, feel free to drop it and begin anew. There are so many stories to write.

I started over today writing by hand as before in my “Stories” notebook, and I completed this brand new story, to be gifted and soon to be typed up readably. And Charles Dickens was a very fun inspiration for this, although mine is not specifically a Christmas story.

My husband Dan and I are both sick with COVID, so sadly we probably won’t be able to go to Brooklyn, NY for the Christmas gathering this weekend 😦 :(…(And is Britney Spears there currently without me?) But we will go, afterwards. And the story will be given to my surprise recipient, and I will be very glad to see my family for Christmas the week after in January.

And now I am very ready to sleep a while in the sun and maybe wake up feeling even better….❤️❤️ It is nice, this music playlist on shuffle perfectly picking songs for rest and relaxation…“I don’t like nobody but you; it’s like you’re the only one here.” 🎶 🎶✔️and “You give me the shivers” true, A party of one currently. 🙂 “Down on my knees still believing in the time of reason no more; peace of mind is worth any chore.” 🙏🙏


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