Merry Christmas featuring My Nephew Jordan

I called off the blog vacation ‘cause all I can really do today is things like nap to hip hop and dance music and meditative songs just free playing on shuffle, most that I would hope to dance to normally. But I will moderate the blog postings not to get too crazy with screentime. 😊💕🙏

This is my nephew Jordan, I was hired to create him a “customized commissioned artwork” I’d shared a few months ago…He is my sister Jenna and brother in law Waleed’s son.

Here he is a few months ago with the painting; he had just gotten it the day before!

…Checking his auntie’s signature, a very smart kid, making sure it is authentic✔️.

This is with me when he was 4 months. 😊

Merry Christmas from my nephew Jordan in NY! He is a very ambitious and active kid, no naps ever!!, 10 months now, and he is already in music class, which he loves. He can dance too and bop in perfect rhythm and stop when the instructor says Stop. He shares a birthday with Ed Sheeran, and I think he already looks famous.


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