A Poem from Long Ago Set to Music and Sung

my teddybears just held hands like that 🙂 on the bookshelf right side zoom in.

And this teddybear Peeko 🧸🐱is napping on this blanket but also feels sad when his Mama is not feeling well and sleeping the day and night. 💕 See his puffy pouty kitten face as I say I love him. He has had all his meals and care, he just has a compassionate way.

This poem written by Hafiz who is a similar poet I’d found awhile back along with a favorite poet of mine and well-known one, Rumi. This is the poem, My Sweet Crushed Angel by Hafiz, set to music and sung live, in English, along with a passage of the jazz song, My Funny Valentine wrapped in (‘tho I personally just like the Angel Part lyrically 💕) ; I do love how it is woven, and I love the song overall). It happens to be on a Christmas album….

I wrote this post some yrs ago on the blog:

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