It’s Been About Angels, so I’ll Tell You a True Story

December 23, 2022

I enjoy mindfulness meditation, ‘tho I’ve learned or tried many kinds of meditation. I want to try again sitting meditation. It helps me to have a guide of directions in mind rather than sitting bored or completely unengaged…I also like lovingkindness meditation. These are best done sitting, relaxed and alert. For the breathing one, I’ll count after each out breath to 10, then back, for awhile, then on each in breath, and then feel the whole body breathing wide awareness, and then a single part of body like your nose or belly breathing, these stages ‘til the timer rings, or you feel completed if not using timer.

One day I thought to try a meditation called something like angelic presence. This woman starts talking with a beautifully echoing sound until she says, ‘Now I am going to clear your whole home and room of any spirits or angels, Send them away…”

And I was thinking, Maybe I want to keep one? I’ve had good company with May why send her away?

I was curious to hear it, the woman continues with harmonic echoing, “I will send away any angel or spirit, and I will now send you new angels.”

Before I knew it, I was afraid she’d already sent May away. And then I’d fallen asleep.
When I woke, I thought, “I’m sorry May. I didn’t mean for her to send you away. I did not want any random angels instead.”

And I’d felt May say, “Don’t worry, I am still here; I wouldn’t listen to that Lady anyway.”


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