Updates started on December 26th, ‘22

The triple lines on the top of this blog pulls out into a menu that includes About, My Books (my poetry collections I’d written), poems (a selection), paintings (I feel another abstract going to be painted like a poem itself), and drawings.

It had also been long that I wrote a short story, and the one I wrote for a surprise recipient at the Christmas gathering that I couldn’t attend 😦 (but will) in January I was so surprised how quickly I “ran” with that Charles Dickens inspired-subject from his stories I’d just read, laughed to myself about if the author felt sorry for me so sickly and precious and got that story rolling for me 😅to give as a Christmas present. Kidding ?…But I got the ribbons ready!

I am also reading tonight my new copy of Jane Eyre, replacement for the defect, store apologies; it makes a difference in reading when the book is in one piece; you may be surprised, even if by the end, you may still not find it a great or favorite. I have placed this one back on my shelf for now as I had read it recently, broken edition or not. I am sure I’ll read this book again another time, and I can see now that this replacement edition is actually a good one and a truly sufficient, elegant copy.

I was going to write a “collage” poem from Jane Eyre for Jane Austen’s 247th this year! But I then felt Jane Austen should have her own collage poem, was confusing with the Bronte 😅 idea and all the Janes (kind of including me too as having been misheard as ‘Jane’ and hadn’t corrected the mistake at times in the past).

So I wrote the poem, “Pride” from the Pride and Prejudice text pages, my own additions, just in time for her 247th. There are so many types of poems and topics!

I have come to really love reciting my poems in audio and often meant for listeners’ relaxation.

—Happy belated birthday 🎼🎶DJ Khaled…another one! And another one! And another one!

I often begin writing by hand in a black pen in a labeled notebook like this one pictured above. I have written/started writing a new poem away from home too, like at the beach and have packed a thesaurus with me before to the beach: What might you see of this notebook right now? Nothing 🙂 ty


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